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Violin Sonata No. 1 in G Minor, BWV 1001
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750)
1– Adagio3:40
2– Fuga5:23
3– Siciliana2:58
4– Adagio3:45
5a mind olon
Carlo Domeniconi (* 1947)
6Preludio No. 3, Op. 63
Raffaele Calace (1864 – 1934)
7Moon and Yamanba
Yasuo Kuwahara (1946 – 2003)
8Air No. 4 „L’aves vous vu mon bien aimé“
Gabriele Leone (ca. 1725 – 1790)
9Pavaen Lachrymae
Jacob van Eyck (ca. 1590 – 1657)


A student still in Germany, Lotte Nuria Adler is, without question, one of the best classical mandolinists in the world. Possessed of an extremely precise yet fully flexible technique, this recording, her first, demonstrates unequivocally that she can play the full range of mandolin’s solo repertoire, renaissance to modern, equally well, with passion, grace, and fire.

There are nine cuts on „Mosaik” – in (compositional) chronological order, Jacob van Eyck’s arrangement of Dowland’s “Pavaen Lachrymae,” originally for solo recorder; J.S. Bach, BWV1001, originally for solo violin; Leone, “L’aves vous vu mon bien aimé”; Calace, Prelude #3; Yasuo Kuwahara, “Moon and Yamanba”: and Carlo Domeniconi, “A Mind Olon” (one of his twelve preludes for solo mandolin). All are played beautifully, with great fidelity to the text, creative phrasing, and dramatic flair that makes each piece her own. YMMV, but my personal favorites are the van Eyck and the Kuwahara – the former, because it opens up a plausible (and vast) repertoire that previously has received little attention from mandolinists; the latter, because of the astonishing virtuosity and rhythmic drive.

Recorded sound is gorgeous. If you buy one classical mandolin CD this year, it should be this one. At the moment, physical CDs appear to be available only by ordering directly from Germany (amazon.de); in the US, the album can be downloaded (mp3) from amazon.com (search on Lotte’s name) or streamed on Spotify (ditto).

Margo, Robert (2020). The Mandolin Journal, XXXVII(1).

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